Skincare products with organic citrus fruit


LEMONS & ORANGES is a skincare range for body and face, consisting of natural products with organic ingredients.

  • Organic citrus fruit
  • Natural ingredients

LEMONS & ORANGES originate from Sicily and is produced from sun ripe organic citrus fruits and pure natural ingredients, giving a wonderful feeling of freshness and an extraordinary sensation of wellbeing.

The qualities of the natural ingredients are the essence of LEMONS & ORANGES. The extracts and the essential oils from fruits and flowers contribute to create fragrant products of high quality.

The citrus fruit provide a light, fresh scent. The high content of vitamin C in citrus fruits make them powerful antioxidants, able to fight free radicals affecting the aging of the skin.

The organic olive oil is gentle and nourishing, keeping the skin soft.

All products are organic certified after the Italian Biocosmesi certification, an organic certification for products containing natural and primarily organic ingredients. Between 70 and 95 percent of the ingredients in LEMONS & ORANGES are organic.


FACIAL CREAM WITH LEMON – Moisturizing face cream with high content of antioxidants, helping to keep the skin elastic and firm. Plant extracts provide deep hydration and a perfect nourishment to the skin. Can be used as day cream under make-up.
Biocosmesi 70.

SHOWER GEL WITH ORANGE BLOSSOM – Gentle, nourishing and calming shower gel for the skin. Produced from natural ingredients especially mild to the skin. Can be used daily by adults and children.
Biocosmesi 95.

BODY LOTION WITH ORANGE BLOSSOM - Moisturizing, nourishing and gentle body lotion with a scent of orange blossom. Perfect after a shower or bath. Can also be used as after-sun lotion.
Biocosmesi 70.

FACIAL CLEANSER WITH TANGERINE – Delicate cleanser, perfect as make-up remover. Also ideal for greasy skin. Activates cell renewal, making the skin firmer and brighter.
Biocosmesi 70.

INTIMATE WASH WITH BERGAMOT – Particularly sensitive intimate wash with the same PH as the body (PH 5.5). Developed for daily hygiene. Calms the skin and cleanses gently. Contributes to normalising of the skin’s bacterial flora. Bergamot works as an antiseptic.
Biocosmesi 95.