What is Fillerina?

Fillerina is the first dermocosmetic filler consisting of molecules from 6 different hyaluronic acids. Fillerina is the first filler used on the skin and not injected into the skin.

What is the purpose of Fillerina?

The purpose of Fillerina is to ensure a significant amount of hyaluronic acid penetrates into the epidermis (epidermis) and dermis (the under skin) where the hyaluronic acids bind to water and provides volume to the most obvious age or expression-related wrinkles or other areas of the face where you would like to add additional volume i.e. lips and cheek bones.

How does Fillerina differentiate?

The product differs from the combination of hyaluronic acids and, not least, the varying molecular sizes that ensure that Fillerina penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin without any injections.
Fillerina Filler Kit is used as a cure 1 x daily (morning or evening) for 14 days.

How to use Fillerina Gel Kit:

Before applying Fillerina Gel, it is recommended to drink two glasses of water. The reason being that Fillerina Gel consists of hyaluronic acids that bind water in the skin tissue. It is this process that creates volume and gives the effect of Fillerina Gel. It is therefore essential that you are hydrated so that Fillerina Gel can make its effect.

Fillerina Gel is applied with the precision applicator to a cleaned face where you want to reduce wrinkles or increase volume (cheekbones and/or lips). Fillerina Gel should work for 10 minutes and allowed to penetrate the skin. Do not massage the product, just let it work. After 10 minutes, the gel will be penetrated into the skin. Any excess product on the skin appears as a bit of dry shaving cream and can easily be removed with your fingers.

For next application, you may apply less gel to avoid excess product on the skin. After 10 minutes, Nourishing Film/serum is also applied with a precision applicator. The nourishing film moisturizes and nourishes the skin in the treated areas. In case you have a slightly oily skin, you can not use Nourishing Film and just finish with the day cream.

It is recommended that you use Fillerina Gel Kit treatment 2-3 times a year. Fillerina's day cream, night cream and eye- and lip cream are used in the intermediate periods to maintain the result. All creams contain hyaluronic acids as well.