Skincare of high quality


CNC skincare lines

CNC skincare are skincare products with ingredients of high quality. The products are divided into separate lines with focus on different skin types and needs, and can be used together with coldPLASMA and Radio Frequency treatments or as follow up skincare after treatment. The skincare products are available in both clinic size and for the consumer.

Aestethic World

Aesthetic World is an anti-age skincare range with hyaluronic acid combined with plant extracts. The products help with optimal cleansing and care of the skin, in order for other active ingredients to be able to penetrate deep into the skin.

TriHyal Age Resist

TriHyal Age Resist is an anti-age care range with triple combined hyaluronic acid. Together with other highly active substances it efficiently counteracts the visible signs of aging like wrinkles, loose and tired skin, enlarged pores, pigmentation and droopy eyelids.


MicroSilver BG™ with silver ions is specially developed to stabilize the natural skin balance and fight germs and viruses, as well as keeping the skin healthy. MicroSilver BG™ is active on the skin surface and distinguishes itself in particular with its long-term effect.

Couperose Reducing

Couperose Reducing is specially developed to reduce redness in the skin, strengthen the fine blood vessels and ease irritation and inflammation in couperose. The active ingredients stabilize the skin and provide a smoother, more firm and even skin.