Devices for problematic skin and anti-age treatment


CNC devices for treatment

CNC professional treatment devices are used by trained personnel for treatments performed in the clinic. The treatments can be carried out independently with CNC skincare products, or in combination with existing treatments in the clinic.



Groundbeaking new treatment for proplematic skin

coldPLASMA cleanses the skin, activates the metabolism and enhances the micro circulation, and severely reduces inflammatory conditions in the skin, so it appears cleaner, nicer and more even. coldPLASMA is ideal for irritated or inflamed skin.

With coldPLASMA you are working within the body's temperature interval, with minimal heating of the skin. coldPLASMA produces a ultra high frequency energy that is directed at the skin surface without touching it.

coldPLASMA can be used for:

  • impure skin
  • acne
  • couperose
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • wound healing
  • anti-aging

The treatment is gentle and effective, causing no pain or wounds after treatment.



Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is a non-invasive technology for combating skin aging in the facial area, neck and upper body. The treatment activates the regeneration and forming of collagen fibers, enhances micro circulation and stimulates the metabolism.

The treatment provides a quick and visible result – the skin tightens and becomes firmer, and wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

Radio Frequency treatments helps to:

  • tighten face and neck contours
  • reduce wrinkles
  • improve the elasticity of the skin
  • improve the skin structure
  • reduce double chin
  • reduce dark circles under the eyes

Radio Frequency is ideal for those who do not want the have cosmetic surgery.