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Dermo-cosmetic filler-treatment (without injection/for home use) with 12 hyaluronic acids

Fillerina® 12HA is an improved filler-treatment with 12 hyaluronic acids, 3 collagens and 2 elastins. The high concentration of hyaluronic acids with low molecule size- and weight, penetrates the skin and provides volume from within.

Specific Zones Family Beskåret

Dermo-cosmetic filler-gel for specific areas that are prone to wrinkles and volume loss

With a unique combination of 12 hyaluronic acids, 3 collagens and 2 elastins, Fillerina® 12HA Specific Zones has a firming effect and ensures optimal volume to eyes, lips, cheekbones, neck and cleavage.

Fillerina BB Cream Skin Tone Balancer

Fillerina BB Cream Skin Tone Balancer

Fillerina BB Cream is a delicate emulsion in light color tones, based on Fillerina's 6 hyaluronic acids that moisturize the skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

CNC Coldplasma Behandling

Devices for problematic skin and anti-age treatment

CNC devices are professional devices for treatment in clinics. coldPLASMA cleanses the skin and reduces inflammatory conditions leaving the skin cleaner, nicer and more even. Radio Frequency combats aging signs of the skin and has a firming effect.

CNC Skincare Hudpleje

Skincare product with high quality ingredients

CNC skincare products contain ingredients of high quality and are specially developed with focus on different skin types and needs. The skincare products are used in combination with coldPLASMA and Radio Frequency treatments or after treatments.

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