At, we use cookies to collect statistics in order to improve the user experience on an ongoing basis.
A cookie is a data file which is temporarily stored on your hard disk. Cookies are used by virtually all websites and in some cases, cookies are the only way to make a website work as intended.

A cookie contains a randomly generated ID, which allows it to recognize your computer and collect information about the web pages and functions visited by your browser. However, cookies cannot identify who you are, your name or your address. They also cannot spread computer viruses or other harmful programmes.
Among other things, a cookie can be used to remember the text size of the website if you choose to change it. Then the text will be the same size when you next visit the website.

Cookies for statistics
In addition, uses Google Analytics to collect statistics about user behavior on the website. We use this information to understand what our users are looking for and the best way of presenting the relevant information to them.
Google saves the information about the website traffic on its own servers, but we make the IP addresses anonymous by hiding the last eight digits. The individual user, therefore, cannot be identified from the data collected by Google.

Reject or delete cookies
You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing your browser settings. The location of the settings depends on the browser you use. However, you should be aware that if you reject cookies, you will be unable to use several functions and services as they require the website to remember the choices you make.
All browsers allow you to delete cookies individually or all at once. The way of doing it depends on the browser you use. Follow the links below to get information for your browser. Remember that if you use several browsers, you need to delete the cookies in them all.