About Vicura

We make it easier
to feel better

Who are we?

We are a small company with a well-established player, Paranova A/S’ support. That is why we get the best of both worlds. We rely on Paranova’s well-functioning back office and systems, assuring a high quality from order management to quality control in the regulatory affairs.

This ensures continuity and stability and makes us a professional and reliable partner, while still having the agility and dynamic approach of a smaller company.


Is an important VICURA USP and close sparring with our B2B customers is highly prioritized. Our experienced sales consultant is able to act fast on market opportunities we identify in cooperation with our customers. This provides a short time-to-market on new product launches that bigger competitors struggle to compete with.


VICURA ApS distributes and markets innovative health- and skincare brands. Our assortment is meant to do something different or more than already existing products in the Danish market. All brands in our portfolio are established brands in one or more European markets.

We make it easier to feel better

That is why we provide user-friendly, high quality health- and skincare brands with an element of innovation in their form, effect or usage.