About Vicura

We make it easier
to feel better

VICURA ApS distributes and markets high quality health- and skincare brands. We challenge existing products in new ways. VICURA champion innovation in form, effect or usage. All brands in our portfolio are established brands in one or more European markets.

Our vision

Our vision is to create improved quality of life for consumers by providing easy-to-use health- and skincare brands that offer an element of innovation in its form, effect or usage.

Our mission

Our mission is to be our B2B customers preferred sparring partner on innovative products and new opportunities in the market. This is possible because we are a small company with an agility and dynamic, that ensures a short time-to-market.


Fillerina contains 6 different Hyaluronic acids that penetrates epidermis and dermis where it binds water and provides volume for the most significate age wrinkles and expression lines. A unique alternative to micro-injections.